5Oct 2020
Oct 5, 2020

Darrell’s Weekly Wrap 05/10/2020

The Wednesday Wacker’s last week only attracted a small field, as the work on the new watering system continues. The band of volunteers has done a mighty job, but it is nearing completion.

Wednesday’s winner was Darrell Carson with 37 points but only after a countback with Robbie Porter. Woodburn-Evans Head visitor David Johnston was next best with 35 after another countback with Don Plummer. Robbie Porter also claimed the NTP on the 11th.

The cold and slightly wet start to the day on Thursday stopped most of the veterans from turning out so whilst a few of them played a social round no competition was held.

Aaron Whackett was the sponsor for an individual stableford on Saturday and it was a reasonable field considering it was a long weekend. New member Kim Burraston proved his improving form was no fluke when he claimed the major prize with 40 points but only after a countback with Bruce (the Gnome) McMullen. Bruce had 74 off the stick his best score in a fair while so it is good to see you back in form Bruce. Todd Jacobs was next best with 39.

NTP winners were; RAB 3rd Shaun Northam, NAB 6th Les Forde, 9th Sam Smith, 11th Graeme Anderson, Rob Brown Denture Clinic 15th, Sam Smith and Bridges Finance 17th Marj Chappell.

As Monday was part of a long weekend there was a competition held and the winner was Aaron Whackett with 38 points after a countback with Tony Duff. Todd Jacobs finished 3rd again.  Some of the players must have celebrated the long weekend long and hard as there were some very ordinary scores returned.

Quote of the week: “For Sale: Parachute. Only used once, never opened, small stain.”

Good Golfing

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