17Oct 2020
Oct 17, 2020

Darrell’s Weekly Wrap 17/10/20

Most of the regular Wednesday Wacker’s turned up last week as well as a few visitors, but it was regular Don Plummer who won the day with 39 points. Don narrowly beat Tony (Popeye) Whiting, 38 and Darrell Carson 36 after a countback with Jim Walkinshaw. The NTP winner was also Don Plummer on the 15th.

Simon Cross will play with the orange ball next week.

The Thursday veteran’s also had a better field this week and it was the Big Bird, (with the little pecker) Doug Taggart who won with 35 points. Noelene Porter claimed second spot with 33 after a countback with Judy Marshall and Tony Whiting.

Saturday saw an individual stableford for trophies supplied by Neil (Splitpin) Cullen and Doug (The Little Pecker) Taggart and it was Les (I’m in a hurry) Forde who one after a three way countback, all with 38 points. Les of course broke his age AGAIN, this time shooting 89 off the stick to better his age by 4 years. Darrell Carson took second spot after the countback from Troy Dawson (Bundarra).

The NTP winners were Les Forde on 9th and the Bridges Finance 17th and Carol Shields on the Rob Brown Denture Clinic 15th. Les really had a day out and was still smiling as he left the clubhouse. Congratulations old mate good to see you back in a bit of form. Sally Burraston claimed the chocolate bar with her 24 points but only because Todd Jacobs had left the clubhouse.

Quote of the week: “When I was a boy I was told that anybody could become President of the USA, I now believe it.”

Good Golfing

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