29Aug 2021
Aug 29, 2021

Carol’s Weekly Wrap 29/8/21


Due to the new COVID 19 restrictions put into place, this put a few restrictions on the golfers from around the region playing during the week.  Thank you to everyone who is following the local LGA rules for playing golf, keep it up so we can get back to inviting many visitors again.

Last Wednesday the Wednesday Wacker’s didn’t play due to course being closed again because of the rain we received on Monday and Tuesday.

Thursday Vets didn’t play either due to course being closed again.

Saturday we played The Guzzlers Mug, we had a great field of 32 players, and the winner of the day with 69nett was Judi Hansen. Well done again Judi, keep up the good work. Runner up was Ross Anderson with 70nett, (he thought he had the prize in his pocket, but was done by the ladies again) The Mars Bar went to Warren Selling.  There were no NTPs.

Sunday’s 9 hole comp saw another good field of 25 players, and the winner today was Sally Barraston with 25 pts. The girls are really giving the boys a run. Next Sunday we will play the front 9 and any social or twilight players within the LGA of Uralla are more than welcome to come and play. Cost will be $10 per player and tee off is between 8.30am and 11am. We are playing of the blue social tees.

Thank you to everyone that turns up to support the club and follows all the COVID 19 rules for outdoor exercise.  Also just a reminder when playing a social or competition round that you can only play in groups of 2.

For those wishing to play golf on any of these days, the tees off times are as below with COVID 19 rules in place for the next week. No standing around the clubhouse, groups of 2 only and once finished, place cards in box outside. Please wear of a face mask in all areas around the clubhouse.

Wednesday Wackers 9.30am for 10am tee off

Thursday Vets 9.30am for 10am tee off

Saturday 10am for 10.30 tee off

Sunday 9am to 11am 9 hole comp

Next Saturday 4th September event will be announced during the week, due to not knowing what will happen with our restrictions with COVID 19.

Quote of the week:  No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying J

Happy Golfing

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