3Sep 2017
Sep 3, 2017

Darrell’s Weekly Wrap Sept 3rd 2017

Well he has done it again, Les (I’m is a hurry) Forde smashed his age again last Wednesday with an 85 off the stick, making 41 points and being a clear winner of the day’s event. Richard Cannon took second spot with 39  and Kevin Ward was next best. Congratulations Les you are a bloody marvel.

Tuesday saw 4 vets from Uralla  travel to Inverell for their annual tournament  and Darrell Carson managed to win division one and Richard Cannon took third spot in division one. The Big Bird Sparra Taggart almost won the Bradman’s prize but was pipped at the post by a Bingara player.

The Thursday Vet’s competition seen the ladies dominate the placings. First place went to Bronnie Wilson with a sensational 40 points, this could well be Bronnie’s best ever score so congratulations Bronnie and keep the good form going. Colleen Taggart took second spot with Tony Johnson being the best of the men in third spot.

A beautiful spring Saturday greeted a good field and some of the scores were sensational. Greenkeeper Simon Sanderson won the day with an amazing 46 points from Tiger Clutterbuck (who decided to play serious) 42 points, Tiger counted out Kevin Ward. Kevin’s new driver obviously worked very well.

Best of the ladies was the old girl herself Lil Faulkner with 38. NTP winners were, RAB  3rd Rob Brown, NAB 6th Simon Sanderson, 9th Ross Anderson, 11th Mike Petrov, Rob Brown’s Debenture Clinic 15th Les Forde and the Bridges Finance 17th Dactyl.

Richo also supplied a couple of trophies for the longest drive on the 7th. Who else but Simon Sanderson, and for the ladies Vicki Barraclough. Sparra tried to convince me that he had claimed the best golfer in the family from Colleen but on further checking I discovered that they had both had the same score off the stick, but Colleen holds the lower handicap. Good try Big Bird.

The day started out with Ross Anderson doing the starting and with Crewy assisting by writing out the cards. When everybody had arrived and was ready to go Ross had the right amount of money and the right number of cards but was one name short in the starter’s book. He checked it a couple of times but could not work out who the missing person was. Eventually he worked out it was his own name missing from the book.

My group crossed paths with Lil’s group, whilst we were playing the 5th and they were playing the 7th. I noticed Lil looking in her bag for the club she wanted to use and she couldn’t  find it anywhere until Colleen pointed out it was sitting on the cart seat along side her. Lil it is called OLD TIMERS DISEASE.

Next Saturday is the Crewy Cameron sponsored day and because the greens are going to be cored straight behind the field everybody will need to be there and hit off by 10. am., and all off the first tee.

Quote of the Week “Death is nature’s way of saying slowdown”

Good Golfing

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