8Nov 2020
Nov 8, 2020

Darrell’s Weekly Wrap 8/11/2020

Once again a good field hit off on Wednesday and it was current club champion, Robbie Porter who found some form and had a 1 under off the stick to return 41 points. Robbie was a narrow winner from Ian Bohn (Gailes) who had 40 and Tiger Clutterbuck (Armidale) was next best with 36. For the second week in a row Jim Walkinshaw won the NTP. Jason Brady will play with the orang ball next week.

 The Thursday Vet’s event also attracted their best field for some time and Tony (Popeye) was the winner with 35 after a countback with Marj Chappell. Carol Shields was next best with 34.

Shane and Vicki Barraclough were the trophy donors foe Saturday’s stableford and boy o boy did you have to be good to win. Troy Dawson (Bundarra) had 45 points and was no doubt sitting in the clubhouse having a quiet beer and feeling pretty happy with himself and collecting 20 cents from every one as they came in. It was not until the last group came in that his bubble burst. Jason Brady had an unbelievable 47 points to relegate Troy to second spot.  Bruce, the Gnome, counted out Darrell Carson from 3rd spot with 36.

This is the same Jason that ran last on Wednesday and he improved by 21 shots in three days. Congratulations Jason and to you Troy, you would never think you could get beat with 45. You had both have a close look at your handicap before playing again I think.

The Big Bird Sparra Taggart (That’s the little pecker) collected the mars bar with 24 points. Whilst on Sparra I should mention his performance on the 4th hole. After taking a miss he kicked his ball away in disgust, waited for his playing partners to putt out and headed off to the 5th tee. Guess what on arriving at the 5th he suddenly realized his ball was still sitting beside the 4th green so back to the green to collect it.

NTP winners were, RAB 3rd Anthony Connors, NAB 6th Les (I’m in a hurry) Forde, Rob Brown’s Denture Clinic 15th Louise Carson (Armidale) and the Bridges Finance 17th Jason Brady, and guess what, he 3 putted from a very short distance so his great score could and should have been better.

Quote of the week: “I started out with nothing and I still have most of it.”

 Good Golfing

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