22Sep 2019
Sep 22, 2019

Darrell’s Weekly Wrap 22/09/2019

Regular readers of this report will know that I often mention Les (I’m in a hurry) Forde, normally for his great performances on the golf course, he nearly always breaks his age, which is a great feat by any golfer, but this time  is different.

Les, who is always in a hurry maybe should slow down a bit, his reputation for fast driving, fast walking and fast play on the course took a back seat to his latest episode. On Saturday Les with daughter Sally as a passenger in his cart had driven past his ball, lying on the fairway. When one of his playing partners alerted him and in his usual haste he spun the cart around to go back to his ball only to tip Sally out of the cart and onto the ground. Luckily Sally was not hurt but it’s a reminder to Les too stop and smell the Roses once in a while.

The Wednesday Wacker’s saw Richard Cannon return to the winners list, his recent trip to South Africa must have agreed with him. Richard had 37 points to relegate Jim Walkinshaw to second, 36 points and Ross Anderson 35 took third after a countback with Barry Cameron and Tiger Clutterbuck.

The Thursday veteran’s competition saw the Ladies dominate the day with Bronnie Wilson 39 points edge out Susie Spencer 38 whilst Albert Egli was the best of the men with 36. Coleen Taggart 15th and Marj Chappell 17th won the NTP’s just to complete the Ladies success.

Saturday saw a different event with Shane & Vicki Barraclough sponsoring two 9 hole events. The 1st 9 was a stableford had James Hargrave have 25 points to win from Coleen Taggart. Neil free won the Mars Bar with 11 points. (Neil won the day last Saturday with 39)

The 2nd 9 was a Par event and Les (I’m gunna slow down) Forde had +3 to win from Jason Brady +2 whilst Sally Burruston  got the Mars Bar. Obviously having her father tip her out of the cart did not help her golf.

NTP winners were, NAB 6th Jason Barraclough, 9th & 11th both to Kirin Walters, Rob Brown Denture Clinic 15th Aaron Whackett and the Bridges Finance 17th Shane Barraclough.

Quote of the week. ”No man is rich enough to buy back his past.”

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