10Feb 2019
Feb 10, 2019

Darrell’s Weekly Wrap 10/02/2019

The best field for some time turned out for Golf on Wednesday and Des Harris showed the field a clean pair of heals with his 41 points. Well done Des I believe that this is probably your first ever win so we look forward to seeing you reducing that handicap going forward. Tiger Clutterbuck finished second with 39 and Herb McMillan 38.

NTP winner was Neil Free, whilst last week’s winner Fairweather Wilson will use the orange ball next week.

The Thursday vets attracted a better field last week including 4 visitors from Walcha, however it was the local Jack Mitchell with 42 points who won the day. Owen Presnell from Walcha was next best with 38 after counting out Neil Dark also from Walcha.

Josh Clark and Aaron Blanch were the sponsors for Saturday’s Stableford and a great field took to the course. We had several visitors from Coffs Harbour as well as a couple more from South Australia for this medley event.

Sally Burraston won with 41 points, well done Sally and just to keep things in the family, Sally’s father Les (I’m in a hurry) Forde took second spot with 40. Les of course smashed his age again. Dactyl Carlon counted out Graeme Diffey (Coffs Harbour) to claim 3rd spot.

NTP winners were RAB 3rd Neil Cullen, NAB 6th Kevin Walker (Coffs Harbour), 9th Mike Petrov, 11th Kirin Walters and the Bridges Finance 17th Geoff Nottle (Port Lincoln) Nobody managed to hit the Rob Brown Denture Clinic 15th.

As you should all be aware the club is celebrating its 100 year anniversary at the end of March. A nomination sheet is on the notice board so if you intend to play and or come to the dinner, or even attend the free bar-b-q’s please put your name on the sheet on the notice board.

It was with great sadness that we heard of the passing of Kevin (Tippin) Ward this week, Kevin was a great community man and was very instrumental in keeping the Golf Club functioning.  For several years Kevin dedicated many hours of his life to the survival of the club as well as the whole Uralla Community. On behalf of the Golf Club members I pass on our condolences to Sandra and the family.

Kevin will be missed by everyone in Uralla and especially at the Golf Club. It is doubtful if the club would be still here if not for Kevin.

As Kevin’s funeral will be held on Wednesday at 11 a.m. there will be no Wednesday Wacker’s golf this week.

Quote of the week: “If you think education is expensive try ignorance.”

Good Golfing

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